The Association for the Research and Preservation of Japanese Helmets and Armor

一般社団法人 日本甲冑武具研究保存会

About the Shinsa

The NKBKHK has conducted a shinsa (armor and panoply screening) once or twice a year since 1968 at various places in Japan. To date, about 60 shinsa have been conducted, with more then 5000 arms and armors evaluated.
More than 632 items have been designated as ‘important cultural material’ (Juyo Bunka Shiryo) by the NKBKHK. These items are considered to be precious works of art with historical importance and are highlighted (with pictures and detailed description) in “Juyo Bunka Shiryo Zuroku” (Armor and Panoply: Pictorial Records and References of Important Cultural Properties), a sumptuous publication produced by the association. To date, five volumes of Juyo Bunka Shiryo Zuroku have been published by the NKBKHK.

Non-members can also submit items for shinsa.

With the opening of the western branch of the NKBKHK, future shinsa sessions are planned for this audience.

How to apply for the shinsa? (armor and panoply screening)
On the morning of the shinsa, applicants submit their items to the reception desk and in the afternoon the evaluations will take place.
People who would like to apply for the shinsa should fill in name, address, telephone number and item name.
Please submit this info by fax, post card or email.※ At the day of the screening, please bring your kabuto or armor stand.


Acceptance and examination fee:

Large: gusoku, haramaki, dou maru, bagu etc
Medium: kabuto, dou, sode, kabuto bachi, kyugu, kura, abumi etc
Small: armor outside the early period, kyugu, bagu parts etc

Reception fee: Large: 6,000 yen, Medium: 4,000 yen, small: 2.000 yen

Hozonshiryo shinsa (Screening preservation material): Large: 7,000 yen, Medium: 5,000 yen, small: 3.000 yen
Genjyu: Large: 2,000 yen, Medium: 2,000 yen, small: 1.000 yen
Henkyaku: Large: 2,000 yen, Medium: 2,000 yen, small: 2.000 yen

Kicho shiryo shinsa (Screening rare material): Large: 12,000 yen, Medium: 8,000 yen, small: 5.000 yen
Genjyu: Large: 3,000 yen, Medium: 2,000 yen, small: 2.000 yen
Henkyaku: Large: 2,000 yen, Medium: 2,000 yen, small: 2.000 yen

Tokubetsu kicho shiryo shinsa (Special screening rare material): Large: 25,000 yen, Medium: 15,000 yen, small: 10.000 yen
Genjyu: Large: 5,000 yen, Medium: 4,000 yen, small: 3.000 yen
Henkyaku: Large: 2,000 yen, Medium: 2,000 yen, small: 2.000 yen


Juyo bunka shiryo shinsa (Review important cultural materials): Large: 100,000 yen, Medium: 60,000 yen, small: 40.000 yen

(Genjyu: Leave as it is (after re-examination))
(Henkyaku: Return, the item is not accepted as it is fake or a modern work)

If a judgement can’t be made, no payment is necessary.
The certification will be send after the list of the screenings has been made. Depending on the ranking, this will take between 2 and 3 months.
In principle, the items have to be taken back the same day.