The Association for the Research and Preservation of Japanese Helmets and Armor

一般社団法人 日本甲冑武具研究保存会

October Research Meeting of the main branch

The October research meeting was held
on the 21th in the Hachigata History Museum of Yorii,
where the exhibition ‘Beauty of the Samurai’ took place.
Many members from Kansai and Tohoku region attended.

The exhibition consist of the collection of Mr. Kosugi,
vice chairman of the armour society,
and it was an excellent exhibition to see the conditions of the samurai battlefields.

The exhibition is still open untill November 25th.

After the explanation of Mr. Kosugi,
all attendees walked to the Hachigata castle grounds.

The castle was erected after an internal family struggle in 1476.

Thanks to great efforts of the city of Yorii,
the castle grounds have been preserved and have become a beautiful park.

It was a very great experience to talk
about the collection, while also have an enjoyable walk.

We would like to suggest people
who would like to have such an experience
in the middle of an historic environment to become a member.
We have also student members.

We would like to thank the head of the museum,
and the complete staff for all their help.