The Association for the Research and Preservation of Japanese Helmets and Armor

一般社団法人 日本甲冑武具研究保存会

Magazine #198 has been shipped – Partial translation will follow

One of the primary benefits of membership in the Japanese Armor Society is receiving partial translations of the quarterly newsletter. These newsletters contain a brief overview of the topics discussed in the monthly meetings as well as some very in-depth articles on the various aspects of Japanese armor by the leading experts in Japan and abroad. Since detailed information on the intricacies of samurai armor appreciation is not readily available in English, such translations are a must for all collectors and enthusiasts. The next article to be provided to members is a comprehensive analysis of the marudo of the Tsukama shrine which dates to the Momoyama period as well as a report of the ‘Toppai kabuto’ meeting. We welcome you to join the JAS now and start getting your newsletters and translations!