The Association for the Research and Preservation of Japanese Helmets and Armor

一般社団法人 日本甲冑武具研究保存会

Research Meeting September 2017: Yushukan Exhibition Visit

The September research meeting of the Japanese Armor Society will be a visit to the excellent armor exhibition in Yushukan (the Yasukuni Shrine Museum). Several kabuto and armors are on display, together also with horse gear.

Date: September 10th, 2017 – 13:00 ~
Place: Yasukuni Shrine, Yushukan Museum entrance
Entrance fee: 1,000 yen for members (Includes entrance fee and catalog).

As we will enter as a group, please let us know before September 4th if you want to join.

The meeting schedule for the coming months is as follows:
October 8th 2017, 14:00 ~ : Old Momonari Kabuto
November 26th 2017, 14:00 ~ : Old Zunari Kabuto
December 16th 2017, 15:00 ~ : Topic not yet decided. The meeting will be followed by the yearly bonenkai at 17:00